Monday, March 7, 2011

Crab Bisque Ravioli

1 lb crab meat
4 tbs olive oil
2 tbs onion, diced
1 large garlic clove, diced
4 tbs tomato paste
1 stick butter
1/4 cup white cooking wine
1 quart whipping cream
salt and pepper, to taste

Use medium/large frying pan.  On medium heat saute onion, garlic, tomato paste in olive oil and butter.  for approx. 3 mins.  Add crab meat, stir.  Add cooking wine, stir and simmer on low heat for 10 mins.
In medium saucepan add cream and heat on low.  Add to crab, stir.  May be served as soup or on top of Ravioli.

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